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FRIDA (CVR (company) No. 41847552) is the Danish Association for Freedom and Heath, and on 1st September 2021 it filed a lawsuit against the National Board for Health together with the Minister of Health, The Danish Prime Minister, the Ministry of Business and the Ministry of Culture. This lawsuit required the cessation of the Danish corona restrictions forthwith.

You can find out more about the trial which will have its own dedicated webpage which is coming soon. Whilst this is being prepared, here is the list of attachments and comments.

From the internet, it can be seen that, in June 2021, a referendum was held in Switzerland where all eligible Swiss voters were given the opportunity to vote on a proposal preventing the government being able to implement additional coronavirus restrictions. However, FRIDA has not found out whether this vote did in fact, take place, or if it did, what its result was.

FRIDA believes that the time has come, similarly, for all Danish coronavirus restrictions to be removed; in fact, FRIDA believes that they have never been necessary, beneficial or sensible.

The purpose of the case is to halt in its tracks any possibility for the minority government and its ministers to issue further new or amended coronavirus restrictions. This is something which is possible today using the basis of the new 'epidemic law'. We are asking the court to rule that the current coronavirus restrictions, and in particular the rules on corona passports, coronavirus testing and its coercion together with the restriction of assembly freedom, are legally invalid.

This will automatically happen if FRIDA wins the lawsuit, since this will remove the legal basis for the restrictions. If you are a lawyer, you can read the draft of the opening writ in the case, which is inserted at the bottom of the press release, and see how this will be the result.

FRIDA has been approved to carry out nationwide fundraising and has already started raising money for the trial. We expect that the lawsuit will be tried in two instances; first by the High Court and then by the Supreme Court and will cost around DKK 500,000 in total. This would pay for our lawyer's time, translations from English to Danish and our expenses in obtaining the necessary scientific and statistical documentation material that we will need to succeed. Your help in volunteering is crucial - please do see below how you might be able to help us and support our cause. If you want to support the case financially, you can contribute by transferring money to FRIDA's account in Danske Andelskassers Bank, Copenhagen Branch, account no. 5999 - 1051000. All funds collected will be used in full to conduct the trial, primarily to pay for our legal team.

On its website, FRIDA will regularly keep you up to date with the success of our fundraising and how the lawsuit is progressing. The lawsuit is led by Støttrup law firm in Copenhagen (

To instigate our case initially, FRIDA aims to collect DKK 100,000, but should it go so far as to succeed in collecting DKK 500,000, the collection will be put on hold until further notice.

FRIDA also seeks contact with people who have the desire, time and ability to help with the legal action. We need, and would really appreciate your help with:

Fundraising (our main requirement)
Dissemination of information on the purpose and content of the trial
Translation of evidence, especially scientific articles, from English to Danish.
Collection and organisation of statistical information material specifically about the risk of danger, infection and spread of Covid-19.
New members for FRIDA - it only costs DKK 300 a year to be a member.

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